Chilli and Garlic Chutney Recipe in support for #SeedTheRiseChallenge

Did you know that we didn’t have chillies in India up until 17th century? Yeah, imagine all the food that we eat minus the heat. The Portuguese brought it with them to Goa and introduced Indians to these bright hot peppers. Chillies are an integral part of our cooking now and India is one of the biggest cultivators and exporters of chillies in the world. One of the most deadly varieties of chillies – bhut jolokia – is grown in our country. I accidentally ate a spoonful of it at Gitika Saikia’s Assamese pop-up; we almost had to call the fire brigade, trust me.

This recipe that I’ve posted here is a part of #SeedTheRiseChallenge – a fundraising initiative by Mahindra and Mahindra to improve the lives of the farmers. The campaign is looking to raise Rs. 2 crores in public donations. What’s more – each donation will be matched by Mahindra to double the benefit for the farmers. All funds collected will go towards supporting 5 key NGO run projects that strategically aim at bettering the farmers’ lives in varied ways including setting up drip irrigation, sustainable farming units and educating the girl child. Check out their website to know more about this campaign:

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