Selected Writings


Oxford Symposium Of Food and Cookery | 2022

Food on the move: Commensality inside an Indian train compartment (Paper presented at the online conference, due to be published in the annual journal).


Hindustan Times: Brunch | Mar 2023

The palate and the planet: Indian restaurants doing right by Earth

Truth Be Told | Mar 2023

Is A2 milk a cash-cow?

Hindustan Times: Brunch | Feb 2023

Grains of truth: Why India is mad over millets again

Enthucutlet | Nov 2022


Feminist Food Journal | 2022

Breaking Coconuts: How women, food, and sex suffer the anxieties of India’s caste system

Indian Express | 2022

What we don’t talk about when we talk about Indian food

Hindustan Times | Sep 2022

The Grater Divide

Rasa: Volume 01 (Whetstone’s South Asia Vertical in Print) | Summer 2022

The Unassuming Heft Of Murmura (Article in print)

Pit Magazine | Apr 2022

You Say Potato, I Say Batata (Article in print)

The Juggernaut | Mar 2022

How Maggi Created a Generation of Experimental Cooks

Diaspora Co. | Sep 2021

How Chillies Came to Rule Over Our Palates

Conde Nast Traveler | Aug 2021

How Travelers Shaped the Cuisine of Amritsar

The Juggernaut | Apr 2021

The Rooh Afza Renaissance

The Juggernaut | Mar 2021

How Soya Nuggets Became a Household Ingredient in India

Whetstone | Nov 2020

The Story of Sattu and How the So-called Peasant Foods Become Mainstreamed

Healthline | Nov 2020

Cultural Cuisine: Seasonal Eating in India

Goya Journal | Sep 2020

Tehri, a Dish That Crosses Borders and Connects Communities

Healthline | Aug 2020

What is Thali? An Inside Look at this Indian Dietary Tradition

National Geographic Traveler | Nov 2019

Relishing Varanasi’s Hindi Heritage

National Geographic Traveler | May 2019

Kutch’s Best-Kept Secret

Discover India | Nov 2018

History Buff’s Guide to Osmanabad

The Hindu | Oct 2018

Walking in the Woods with Bua

Goya Journal | July 2018

Aagoticha Samaan: The Monsoon Pantry

Roads and Kingdoms | Jan 2018

Sri Lanka’s Choon Pan

Scroll | Jan 2018

Lucknow’s Nawabi History Can Still be Seen In Its Stunning Architecture

Roads and Kingdoms | Apr 2017

A Syrupy Toast to Calcutta’s Revolutionaries

Goya Journal | July 2017

Jack of All Fruits

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