Traveling in India during monsoons

I have a love-hate relationship with Mumbai’s weather. Every summer I hate it to the core, going into hybernation and refusing to step out of my room. Every monsoon I fall in love with it again, ogling at every green patch I can find, planning trips to the city’s outskirts. Traveling through the Konkan belt during monsoon is bliss and I make it a point to be out there soaking in the weather, even if it’s just for a weekend.

Last weekend I was in Wai, a small town in Maharashtra’s Satara district located on the Krishna river. It’s surrounded by the gorgeous Sahyadris with the clouds floating low, kissing the hills. The site is healing to the eyes and soul with all shades of green vying for your attention. I spent my day walking down to the river, letting my feet soak in its chilled water and inhaling the freshness of my surroundings.

Wai in the Satara district of Maharashtra

A few weeks ago I took an early morning train to Neral – not to follow the crowd heading to Matheran – to visit Van Vadi, a forest collective in the foothills of Sahyadris. I spent the day learning about the wild edible greens that grow during monsoon and are consumed by the local tribe. With overflowing springs and bio-diverse forest Van Vadi is a little hidden paradise near Mumbai especially around this time of the year. (I have written a detailed article about this place which should be published soon.)

Van Vadi in Neral, Thane
Neral, Thane

Last year I was invited by Jakson Inn Phaltan for a stay and to explore the Satara region. It was dry spell in Phaltan but the drive till Valley Of Flowers was gorgeous and green. it was also my first time getting up close with windmills. (read about my trip here).

Windmills in Phaltan

And then there was this…

And the one that took my breath away. Doodhsagar is clearly one of the most magnificent waterfalls in the world and when you pass it by on a train, it just feels surreal. It was the highlight of my Goa-Belgaun-Dandeli trip last year (read about it here). I was constantly mesmerized by the grey, rain-heavy clouds of north Karnataka. And some people might find the rains gloomy, but I truly believe that this is the season of fresh starts…when everything old is washed away and all you see around is new.



Do you find rains gloomy or romantic? What’s your favourite monsoon destination in the world?


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