Being moved by love

What do I travel for?

A question I have constantly asked myself with every trip. Yes, the blog says it loud and clear “Will Travel For Food” and that’s true to a certain extent. But does it mean food only in the literal sense? Food for body? Or does it mean food for thought, soul and heart? All my travels in the last one year have been as much about the latter as they’ve been about the former.

In the beginning of 2017, when I was going through a low phase, both in terms of personal as well as financial, I booked a trip to Meghalaya on a whim. It was with a travel company Chalo Hoppo  that operates in North East India. I decided to go for their group tour to Meghalaya. I was completely on my own and didn’t know anyone. So I set out with a group of complete strangers. Little did I know that this trip was just the first step to the journey of my healing. I made friends for life – food for soul.

In Goa in July, while I learned to bake my own bread from Sujit Sumitran, I also found a guide in him, another version of my very own Positivity Angel aka Chetna. And then I met Jacopo, a traveler from Italy who made me believe in love again. In Srilanka in December, I met Pauline, Nazneen and Khaled, solo travelers from different parts of the world who had the same fears and worries as mine. In a small tavern in Kandy, we discussed food, politics, life and even IT and discovered how similar we all were despite our geographical and cultural differences – food for thought.

Food for thought – Srilanka

And recently, the friendships I built in Meghalaya led to something great this year – the Moved By Love retreat in Ahmedabad. What is Moved By Love? It’s difficult to put it in words. It’s an experience. It’s a little reminder to be kinder, towards others as well as ourselves. It’s an act of love – unconditional love. At the point in my life when I felt un-loved and unwanted (of course not by my family and friends), I saw 30-40 strangers holding space for me, listening without judgement and giving the warmest of hugs. And that’s when I learned the biggest lesson of my life – the lesson of love. No matter what we do, no matter where we are, there has to be love. Love for the environment, love for people and most importantly love for ourselves – food for heart.

Food for heart – Ahmedabad


  1. This is beyond beautiful! I’m glad I’ve been part of your journey all along. You are such a beautiful person,Shiriii. You move me everyday with your unconditional love and support. I love you so much ❤️

  2. *scribbles (purple) hearts*

    The dots join. Only when we look at them through the rearview mirror

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