Apple Galette – Deathnote: The Literary Kitchen #15

“When you die, I’ll be the one writing your name in my Death Note.”
– Ryuk, Death Note

I am being a bit of a cheater here; I haven’t read Death Note (the Manga series) but have watched the series and absolutely loved it…at least till episode no 25 (or is it 27?).

For the uninitiated, Death Note is Manga series about a school boy Light Yagami who finds a mysterious notebook. This notebook aka Death Note belongs to a Shinigami (god of death) and it grants its owner the power to kill anyone whose name and face he knows. The story revolves around Light’s desire to create a world free of all evil and criminals and the efforts of detective L to stop him.

While I was Team L through the series, my favourite character was Ryuk – the Shinigami whose Death Note Light discovers. As a rule of the Shinigami world, Ryuk has to stick around with Light till he (Light) dies or till someone else becomes the owner of the book. Ryuk is the most non-judgmental character in the book. He neither takes Light’s side nor tells him to stop doing what he is doing. He is like a by-stander, like an audience to the entire drama. And, he loves apples – the only food of the human world that he eats. So much that he gets withdrawal symptoms when he doesn’t get them.

So to please the Shinigami and ensure he doesn’t write my name in his Death Note, I am offering him Apple Galette.

Apple Galette


For Pastry
Whole Wheat Flour – 100 gms
Jowar flour – 25 gms
Bajra Flower – 25 gms
Chilled butter – 100 gms
Chilled water – 50 ml

For filling
Crisp apple – 1, sliced
Lime juice – of half a lime
Cinnamon powder – 1 tsp
Sugar – 50 gms

1 egg white – for egg wash
1 tsp brown sugar to sprinkle

1. Mix all the flours, cut cubes of butter and mix in with flour using your hands. MIx till the texture becomes sandy.
2. Add chilled water and make firm dough. Cling wrap and keep in fridge for an hour.
3. Mix all the ingredients of the filling together.
4. Pre-heat oven at 180 degree celcius
5. Remove the dough from the fridge and roll out small 1/2 inch thick discs.
6. Keep the filling in the centre and lift the discs from all sides to make a bowl that contains the filling.
7. Brush the eggwash on top and sprinkle brown sugar.
8. Place the galettes on baking sheet and bake for 35-40 minutes or till the galette turns golden brown.

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