Whole Wheat Bread – Crumbs: The Literary Kitchen #8 – Blogversary Giveaway

“Remember, the bread you meet each day is still rising. Don’t scare the dough.”
– Macrina Wiederkehr


Update on the Giveaway Contest – This contest is closed now and the lucky winner to get Saee’s book Crumbs is Raghav Modi. Congratulations!

I don’t remember exactly when I fell in love with baking breads. I have been making my own pizza for quite some time now and had baked my first Challah (Jewish Sabbath bread) a few years ago. But, it wasn’t until I baked my first multigrain loaf that I started to understand the science and technique behind bread baking. Still, using a convection microwave would just not end in satisfactory results. My baker friends would keep talking about the upsides of using an OTG (Oven Toaster Griller) and I would end up hating the microwave oven a bit more every day. A few weeks ago, after moving into a new house, I invested in a Morphy Richards OTG and inaugurated it with a whole wheat focaccia from Saee Koranne-Khandekar’s book Crumbs. It’s a gem of a book for perfect baking in Indian conditions; read more about it here.


My most recent bake from the book was this simple Whole Wheat Loaf, which I can proudly say is the best bread I have baked so far. This time I decided to not rush in and let it proof for at least 12 hours; can still do better with second proofing though. Baking this dough which I had patiently left to rest, I realized that it was a lot like me. The more I let it rest, the more patient I am with it, the more I care for it, the more it rises. Isn’t that how life goes too?

We’re always in such a rush to do things, to make things work, so impatient that we rarely give ourselves time to grow. That day when I saw an almost perfect bread come out of my oven, I made a promise to myself that like every bread that I would bake from now on I would care for myself, let myself rest and be patient enough to let myself rise. Food for thought, eh?

This time #TheLiteraryKitchen does not have a recipe because honestly I am still learning about breads and don’t see myself as an expert to share the recipe. So instead, I would direct you to Saee’s book; buy it if you want to learn the history, the science and the craft behind bread baking. From simple sandwich loaves to sourdough, Goan poi, laadi pav, sheermal and thalipeeth – the book has everything you need to start baking.

However, what’s exciting is that my blog is turning five on September 9th and I just thought it fit to host a giveaway – first on this blog by-the-way. And what do you get? Crumbs – Bread Stories and Recipes for the Indian Kitchen by Saee Koranne-Khandekar, of course.

How to participate:
• Like my Facebook page Foodchants or follow me on Instagram @foodchants
• Tell me in a comment on this blog post about your favourite bread memory or a bread that you love the most.

Terms & Conditions:
• Open for Indian residents only.
• You need to like the Facebook/Instagram page and post a comment here to be eligible.
• I will pick the winner through a lottery (I promise I won’t cheat).

The contest is on starting now to September 8th and I will announce the winner on the blog and Facebook page on September 9th.

So rise-up and go play. Chop-chop!

Disclaimer – This contest is not in association with the author of the book or Hachette India so there won’t be a signed copy. The giveaway is completely sponsored by yours truly and will reach you through Amazon. 


  1. I wrote about my favourite bread memory many years ago at http://www.bombayfoodie.com/2009/02/eureka-moments.html and it remains my favourite memory to date. Reproduced here for you:

    The uncle from Westend bakery around the corner pulled the loaf of bread (white – the only one I knew existed then) out of the old fashioned clay oven, sliced it right in front of me and handed it over wrapped in a brown paper bag. I was all of 8 years old and I could feel the warmth, the anticipation all the way home. Bread never tasted quite the same after he started making it the night before.

  2. My bread memory is quite recent – and you might be aware of it. After much running around and a lot of people saying that “you can pick up dry yeast from anywhere” I finally managed to locate it in my town. The very first attempt was done by my wife who I’m happy to say 😈 failed. Since this as my daughter’s idea and not to disappoint her, I gave it a shot, first by making pizza – which turned out great minus the shape – and last week making bread which – you’ve seen the photo on my Instagram – looked and tasted amazing. Followed a simple recipie off the net. Congrats on 5 years!

    • thanks Raghav. I saw that pic and it looked fab. Bake more I say.

      P.S. – I am not a big fan of round shaped pizza, no human touch there.

  3. Just liked your fb page 🙂 one of my favourite bread memories is the first time I baked a whole wheat focaccia (indeed one of the few times I’ve baked bread) and I brought it out of the oven and onto the table for my husband to try. Within 5 minutes the whole family had polished off the entire loaf and I didn’t even get to taste it! Repeat performance the next day 🙂

  4. Hi Arti,

    Thanks a lot for stopping by and sharing your bread memory. I hope you keep baking more often 🙂

  5. Dear Shirin,
    I really like the way you attach your feelings to food. In Indian Khatri homes, we don’t just eat food, we live it. Going back to the times when I was in hostel there were days when sumhow we use to miss dinner just to have maggi. So there my dear friend told me about maggi sandwich( put Maggie in between two white breads) . When I first heard the idea I said ” yuck! How will it taste?” By trust me I cherish the taste evn now. Infact I make spring rolls with Maggie too. Till date this remains my favorite bread memory…. Having it with friends at night in hostel. Congratulations on 5 th anniversary. 🙂

  6. Hey Lipi,

    Those memories are the fondest. That Maggi sandwich is something I still miss :D. Don’t even remember who invented it. Thankyou so much for commenting :*

    • Shirin you told me about it , hence for me Shirin Mehrotra is the inventor 😋. Although this is just related to bread otherwise we share so many food memories together. Those heaters I am sure top the list 😂

  7. I love baking breads and my first bread that I ever baked is what I love the most. Cauliflower bread from vegan Richa was my first bake. The aroma and the taste were awesome. My dog fudge gobbled up half a loaf that was on the kitchen counter and had such a contended look on his face. He is no more and I haven’t gotten back to baking his favourite bread.

    • Hi Lakshmi,

      Thanks for stopping by. Cauliflower bread sounds wonderful. I hope you bake it again, in Fudge’s memory :). Do share the recipe.

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