Recipe – Kale, Avocado and Buckwheat Salad with Avocado Tahini Dressing

Since past few days I have been experimenting with ingredients rich in magnesium; so naturally, there were lots of avocado salads/kale smoothies, buckwheat porridge, toasted seeds etc. While I was figuring out a recipe for a salad, I remembered Amrita (of Life Ki Recipe/Lady Kha Kha fame) teaching a kale and avocado salad in her workshops. She sent me the recipe on a quick Whatsapp chat and I modified it according to the ingredients in hand.

Kale and Buckwheat Salad with Avocado Dressing

Kale (removed from the stalk and broken into smaller pieces) – 50 gms
Carrots (chopped) – 2 medium sized
Cucumber (chopped) – 1 medium sized
Beetroot (boiled, peeled and chopped) – 1 medium sized
Pink radish (cut in thin circular pieces) – 4-5
Bell peppers (chopped) – 2 medium sized
Buckwheat (toasted) – 50 gms
Pumpkin seeds (toasted) – 10 gms

1st Dressing:
Lime juice – 2 tbsp
Honey – 1 tbsp
Olive oil – 1 tsp
Salt – a pinch

2nd Dressing (Avocado Tahini):
Avocado (ripe) – half
Tahini – 1tbsp (this is essentially sesame seeds and olive oil paste. You can make a batch of it and keep it)
Garlic – 3-4 cloves
Lime juice – 2 tbsp
Salt to taste


  1. Rub olive oil over kale leaves and keep it aside for 10 minutes. This will help reduce the bitterness of the leaves.
  2. In the meanwhile, make avocado tahini by throwing all the ingredients of the second dressing in a mixer jar and blending them.
  3. Squeeze out excess water from the kale leaves.
  4. Mix kale, carrot, cucumber, beetroot, pink radish and bell peppers; whisk together the ingredients of first dressing and pour it over the salad.
  5. Top it with buckwheat and pumpkin seeds and dress in avocado tahini.

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