Holi Recipe – Nutella Stuffed Coconut Laddoo

I am back with another Holi recipe and this time it’s in association with Local Banya. I am the #BloggerBanya of the month on their blog and will create two recipes for them with the ingredients bought from their aisles. You can read more about me as #BloggerBanya here and can also checkout the recipe here.There’s so much fun in making colourful food especially during Holi. My mom used to make these saffron, white and green coconut laddoos every year and even though I don’t like coconut sweets much, I would eat the laddoos happily. I’ve added a little twist to that recipe with a surprise ingredient – yup, It’s Nutella. Imagine what would life be if Michel Ferrero wouldn’t have created this magic spread. Yeah, yeah! We would’ve still been thinner but also so-so unhappy. So this recipe is revisiting my childhood Holi and a little tribute to the chocolate genius.

250 gms dry coconut powder
200 gms Nestle Milkmaid100 gms Nutella (you won’t use it all)1 tsp each of saffron and green food colours (use natural colours if you’re allergic to synthetic stuff)50 gms dry coconut powder (to coat the laddoos)


  • Divide the coconut powder into three equal parts.
  • Add saffron colour in one, green in another and leave the third one plane.
  • Mix Milkmaid in each of them to make firm and skightly sticky dough.
  • Take a tennis ball size portion of the dough, make a bowl of it, fill 1/2 tsp Nutella in it and pack it like a laddoo. You can take a little more dough to pack it properly.
  • Coat these laddoos with dry coconut powder.
  • Store this laddoos in the refrigerator for up to a week. Bring them to room temperature before eating so that you get that gooey Nutella inside. Eat well, play safe and have a Happy Holi.


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