Restaurant Review – Brunch ‘n’ Munch, Malad West

It was Sunday morning and I woke up craving a big breakfast, preferably English breakfast. Sadly, there aren’t many places serving a good English breakfast in Goregaon and Malad and going to Indigo Deli burns a big hole in the pocket, especially during month end.

While I was thinking of options I remembered Chef Joel D’souza tweeting about a place in Orlem, Malad which serves English breakfast. Orlem has some very shiny gems hidden in its by-lanes and the three month old restaurant/cafe Brunch ‘n’ Munch is definitely one of them. Located in the same lane as Uncle’s Kitchen, this restaurant is sandwiched between a tattoo parlour and a salon, all three owned by the same guy J’son D’Souza.

We found the 20 odd seater packed when we walked in at around 12pm. We sat in the outside section which gives a feeling of a side walk cafe. Since the restaurant is in one of the quieter lanes, there was no traffic snarls or market chaos.

It was too hot and we were desperate for some chilled beer but sadly they do not serve alcohol, not yet. We hope they acquire the liquor license soon and add that missing note to the perfect Goa like ambiance. Till that happens, you can settle for the Virgin mojito which was pretty refreshing.

we ordered an English breakfast (Rs 200) with scrambled eggs, toast, hash brown, baked beans, salamis, sausages and bacon. The glistening meat on our table was enough to whet my appetite. I dug in my big breakfast while the recently-turned-vegetarian husband nibbled on a toast and waited for his vegetarian burger (Rs 70).


The burger had a vegetable patty and the buns were really fluffy. It tasted a bit like McDonald’s Mc aloo tikki, only bigger. They have some meat heavy burgers like the bacon beef, the bhukkad with double beef/chicken patty, bacon, eggs etc.


The Cold coffee (Rs 50) was a no frills attached drink – plain, simple and chilled. Something you would make at home.


The small, almost bite sized pancakes were fluffy and were served with maple syrup. We were absolutely stuffed by this time but wolfed down the last bit of pancake with the syrup.


Finally, I have found a place close to my house where I’d love to plonk myself every Sunday for a hearty breakfast. If you’re an animal lover you’ll love this place even more because there’s a pet clinic next door.
Must try: English breakfast
Meal for two: Rs 550 (inclusive of taxes)

Shop No 12, Costa Gravas, Sunder Lane, 
Orlem, Malad West
Phone: 9699699599

Facebook: Brunch ‘n’ Munch

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