Date a girl who likes jalebis

Date a girl who’ll never let you eat another khatti (sour) jalebi in your life. She’ll finish pao kilo of jalebis just to taste if it’s the perfect one before getting another 1 kg packed. She will brighten up at the site of hot jalebis making your world colourful, as colourful as the orange jalebis coming out of the wok of hot oil. The old Dhara (jalebiiii!) ad will be her favourite television memory. Date a girl who knows her jalebis.

Date a girl who’ll soak in the aroma of hot jalebis before gobbling them up. You’ll never have to buy her flowers. The only ring she’ll ever want is the one coming out of the hot oil, sugar syrup glistening on it like a diamond. Date a girl who dreams of jalebis. Buy her more jalebis.

Date a girl who’ll ditch a 5 Star Sunday brunch and will head to a small jalebi shop near Station. She’ll take you to eat jalebi caviar at a high end restaurant and will still go back to that tiny shop every morning. Date a girl who loves jalebis.

Date a girl who will try jalebis on all her trips across India. She’ll take you exploring the hidden corners of the city just to find that perfectly crisp and sweet jalebi. Date a girl who worships jalebis. She would never approve of the comparison between Mallika Sherawat (Jalebi bai) and this food from heaven.

Date a girl who’ll find medicinal value in jalebis. She’ll know the right cure for those head splitting migraines. She’ll help you realize how sweeter the world is, with jalebis in it. Date a girl who admires jalebis.

Date a girl who looks forward to eating jalebis. If you want to see some Sunrises with her, just promise her some early morning jalebis and she’ll be up before the Sun. Date a girl who shines like a jalebi.

Better still, date a girl who wants more jalebis (yes, there’s no alternative).


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