Peanut butter and Nutella cookies

This is my 75th post on the blog and demands a very special recipe. So here’s something that I sort of experimented and it turned out really nice. I had a bottle of peanut butter lying in my fridge given to me by Reema on mu birthday…Oh! I need to mention here that she made a really awesome cake for my birthday. It was a layered cake with peanut butter, chocolate and butter frosting and I don’t remember what all was there but it was brilliant.

So yeah, coming back to the peanut butter, it was The Gourmet Company product and I had no idea what to do with it. Yesterday while browsing through some random recipes online I though why not make cookies with it. Well, I searched for a recipe, altered it a bit and made these lovely cookies this morning. Very proud of myself cause this was my first attempt at baking cookies and they were yum!

Note: I haven’t used any sugar here because the peanut butter already had sugar. If you have a plain peanut butter use 300 gms of sugar.

Peanut butter – 300 gms
Nutella – 4 tbsp
Butter – 50 gms
Eggs – 2
Flour – 200 gms
Baking powder – 11/2 tsp


  • Let peanut butter, butter and nutella come to room temperature.
  • Beat butter in a bowl for 2 minutes (add sugar if you are using it and beat some more), add peanut butter and keep beating so the mix properly.
  • Add nutella and keep mixing.
  • Beat in the eggs.
  • Mix flour and baking powder separately and then add to the mix.
  • The mix will give you a little thicker consistency than the cake batter.
  • Preheat oven at 220 degree Celsius.
  • Sprinkle some flour on the cookie tray, put small dollops of the batter on the tray using a spoon or your hand. Don’t put more than 7-8 so that there’s enough space for them to spread.
  • Let them bake for 15 – 20 minutes. Keep checking.
  • Let the cookies cool down.
  • Top it with some nutella or dunk it in a glass of hot chocolate and enjoy.



  1. Next time you have extra peanut butter, make thai rice noodles in peanut sauce! damn easy.. melt the peanut butter, add in chopped garlic ginger, shallots, soy sauce, chilli, salt and some lime juice! Wtv other veggies/meat u wish!

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