Food Review – Fisheteria, Infiniti Mall, Malad (W)

If you’ve been to Cambay Tiger Prawns, the small outlet in the CR2 mall in Nariman Point, you’d remember their red prawn Thai curry; reasonable, tasty and served with 8 plump and juicy prawns. If you haven’t it is too late because the joint has completely re-branded itself and launched as Fisheteria with a new look and menu. Not sure about you but I was quite saddened by the change and the fact that the Thai curry was not a part of the new menu. Incidentally, Cambay Tiger Prawns wasn’t grabbing enough attention hence the change.
The first outlet which just opened in the food-court of Infiniti 2 is small but cannot be missed thanks to the bright
red colour. A closer look at the menu which consists of fish and prawns based fast food will make you want to order some grub for sure. I started with grilled fish and chips (Rs 90) and a glass of green apple lemonade (Rs 30). The portion had three chunky pieces of basa with a side of fries. The fish was nice and crispy coated with basil and chilli. The smoky and a little spicy flavour made me wonder how well it will pair with a glass of beer. However, I made do with the lemonade instead which was very mildly sweetened unlike the sugar overdose served at many fast food joints. But if you plan a booze party you know where to pick some seafood snack from.
By the time I wiped off the last piece of basa the prawn torpedo (Rs 125), fish and chips (Rs 125) and prawn paratha roll (Rs 80) arrived. The big and juicy prawns fried in crispy batter made for a reasonable portion of prawn torpedo. A little tandoori masala sprinkled on top added to the flavour without making it taste very Indian. Fish and chips had a large piece of batter-fried basa. Both prawn and fish were served with yummy in-house sauces, a tartar based garlic and onion flavoured sauce and a chilli sauce with peanuts, vinegar etc. The star of the show was prawn paratha roll which has also become their best seller within a few days. The crispy paratha roll was stuffed with prawn balchao; a traditional Goan prawn recipe and onions. The fact that the paratha wasn’t oily reduced my guilt of indulgence a bit (which was back with a bang the very next day). The stuffing of prawn balchao was mildly spicy unlike the traditional balchao but my stomach which has a low spice tolerance level wasn’t complaining..
After all the fries and spices it was time to wash it all down with pomegranate lemonade (Rs 30); slightly pink in colour with a hint of pomegranate and not too much sugar. What this outlet misses is desserts but then again there are a lot of options for that in the mall.
Will I go back to Fisheteria? If I am window shopping or drop in for a movie in the mall I wouldn’t mind picking up a prawn paratha roll and lemonade on the go.
Must try:  Grilled fish and chips, prawn paratha roll
Kharcha: Rs 500 for two

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