Food Review: Suzette, Pali Hill, Bandra (W)

I am not a morning person really but mention breakfast and you could see me jumping like an excited dog (I am not a dog person either). So when my colleague made plans to go for a breakfast on a working Saturday I was the first one to raise my hand. We planned to meet at Suzette’s latest branch in Bandra. All the way from Goregaon to Bandra, omlette…omlette kept looping in my head.

Well, I reached the French – European eatery on Pali Hill bang opposite Gold’s Gym; yes, yes…u can see a lot of stud types coming out of the gym and heading straight for breakfast. We sat in the outdoor section since the AC one was full. I really wouldn’t recomment that cause the flies cause a lot of trouble.

The menu majorly comprises of crepes and eggs of your choice. We started with two omlettes; two eggs each, one with chorizo and mozarella and another one with  ham and ementhal. Despite all the cheese the omlettes were quite light and kind of melted in mouth. I’d highly recommend the chorizo omlette. To make the meal super healthy we called for a carrot apple juice (if u don’t like carrot this will change your mind) and a pomengranate pineapple lime juice; a good blend of sweet and tangy flavour. We also ordered a melted Belgian chocolate and banana smoothie; it had only a hint of sugar and was a little bitter so try it only if you like dark chocolate..

Two eggs omlette with chorizo and mozarella

Two eggs omlette with ham and ementhal

Carrot apple juice

Pomengranate, pineapple, lime
Next round was dedicated to crepes so we ordered a sugar lime crepe, a crepe of the day; cream spinach with ementhal and a nutella crepe; no breakfast is complete without chocolate… I repeat no breakfast is complete without chocolate. The sugar lime crepe was light with sweet and sour syrup filled inside. Spinach crepe was a little to creamy for my taste but the nutella crepe was the highlight with melted chocolate oozing out of it. While we oohed and aahed with every bite our champion eater Frank ordered for a grilled chicken and ementhal  crepe which I didn’t eat but going by his expressions I am sure it was worth a try.

Sugar lemon crepe

Cream spinach crepe

Nutella crepe
Service is a bit slow but the staff is friendly. The food is great and not spicy at all, just how I like my breakfast to be. But the prices are steep and you’ll end up with a lighter wallet (unless you pay by card). So go only if you like your breakfast king size and are ready to spend like one too.

Kharcha: Around 2000 for three

On the burp scale: 3.5/5

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  1. It is amazing to see how Suzette creates the perfect blend of good health and good taste..but i feel the review talks more about the restaurant and its location rather than the food they serve. No mention of the Spread of the Menu or the quality of the food.

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