Food Review: Francesco’s Pizzeria, Kemp’s Corner

What did Mikhail do when his Italian client could not take any more of those factory produced pizzas? He opened his own small pizzeria and named it after his client Francesco. I along with a colleague tried a few slices to know whether it’s another run-of-the-mill joint or something more.

Tucked behind A Chocolate Affair in Kemps Corner, Francesco’s Pizzeria focuses more on takeaways and home deliveries. There’s also a small seating area for the hungrier souls who want to eat their pizzas straight from the oven. Brick wall on one side and a poster from Italy on the other, this place makes for a cute little hangout. Mikhail, whose original business is importing and distributing wines from Italy, made a number of people try the pizzas he was planning on serving. So, the menu we chose from and the one you will too is based on honest feedback from like-minded gluttons.
The menu lists a range of pizzas and we started off with the vegetarian section. Paneer peri peri came first and I absolutely loved it. The crust was neither too thick nor wafer thin and was topped with a tomato based sauce, very soft paneer, and a mayonnaise dressing made in-house from their very own secret recipe. I couldn’t keep my hands off it and burrp’s new intern Shraddha, who was excited to be on her first food review, even saved a piece for the last bite. The eggplant parmigiana that came next didn’t go down too well. I would’ve liked it if the eggplant slices were crispy, something like a Bengali baingan bhaja.
We ordered a garden pizza next which came strongly recommended by Mikhail and was topped with rocket leaves and cherry tomato sans any cheese. Not a big fan of rocket leaves and put off by their weird smell, we didn’t enjoy it as much but if you are diet conscious this one is just for you (‘no cheese’ being the magic words). As far as we are concerned, we’ll happily kick our diet plans in a corner for a slice of cheesy pizza.
Aware of my love for fish Mikhail enthusiastically ordered a Bianca. Due to the five types of cheese and salmon, Bianca tasted too salty and I could only eat a bite off it. Shraddha, a chickenatarian (yes, she recently invented this word) preferred a Chicken Genovese from the non-veg menu. The chicken was blended in pesto and was extremely tender. The pizza was topped with potato wafers which went a little soggy but we didn’t mind them at all.
Already stuffed with some ten odd slices of pizza we decided to order a Margherita since we strongly believe that a perfect Margherita is a pizzeria’s true test. And, going by what we were served, this place is already a winner.
Since we had to catch a tasting at Haagen Dazs we tried to skip the dessert section but no amount of pleading deterred Mikhail from ordering a tiramisu cupcake and chocolate bomb. The sight of tempting cupcakes made us melt too but to our disappointment they didn’t taste as good as they looked. As we dug deeper we found it too moist and undercooked. The chocolate bomb or cinnamon role was average but we would’ve preferred it with a more generous filling of chocolate.
While you might not like all the pizzas, there’s one for every palate. If Indian toppings of tikkas and tandoors make you go “arrggh” then, Francesco’s Pizzeria is a must try.
Kharcha: Around Rs. 600 + taxes for two
On the burp scale: 3.5/5

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