Food Review: Saibini Gomantak, Dadar (W) (Near Shiv Sena Bhavan)

I love fish and if its made Gomantak style I wouldn’t ask for anything else. No seriously, my colleagues have noticed that I don’t bother conversing while I am being fed a good fish curry and bhakri. So when the bhukkads at work planned on going to Saibini, a small gomantak joint in Dadar West (thanks to Tanya for the suggestion) I happily ignored my boring dabba.

This place is right next to Sena Bhavan and is not very well known (unless you are a regular in that area). The no frills restaurant has a very small entrance. Once you cross the non AC section there’s a small AC room with four tables. We quickly settled ourselves and ordered as if we were playing rapid fire.

Within 10 minutes of ordering, our food started coming in; hot and crispy prawns rawa fry, mori masala, teesrya in green masala, bhakri, and rice. The prawns were very fresh and had a crisp coating of rawa. The dish made me wonder how well it’ll go with a mug of chilled beer. Mori or shark masala was made in thick gravy and was extremely spicy. Eat it with rice if you must. The fact that it has just one bone in the centre made it easier to eat.

Teesrya or clams was made in a thick green masala which we didn’t enjoy too much. The red masala one that we tried the next day was much better and enhanced teesrya’s flavour. They serve a thin curry with roti/bhakri which is excellent. We also used it as a dip with our fried prawns. 

To sum up the meal we ordered sol kadi which was a little on the spicier side and wasn’t as tangy.

After hogging for almost 45 minutes we dragged ourselves back to work but not before we stopped at Aswad for their melt in mouth pedas.

Kharcha: Around 400/- for two

On the burp scale: 4/5


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