Food Review: Thali @ Maharaja Bhog, Goregaon (E) (Inside Oberoi Mall)

On a Sunday family lunch when the majority is vegetarian and in love with their regular roti-sabzi, there is no better choice than Rajdhani. So on one of these lunches we headed to The Oberoi mall to gorge on the mighty thali at Rajdhani which is now Maharaja Bhog. When asked why, we were told by the management that the partners of the original chain split and one of them decided to rename his share of restaurants. Menu remains the same while the interiors and cutlery has been “upgraded”. The interior didn’t impress me much cause when inside a mall they all look the same to me. Cutlery, however was impressive with heavy brass replacing the shiny stainless steel.

Coming to the food, it was the same old Rajdhani menu. It was a Gujrati thali day and we were served two types of chutney, raita, fried snack (it had a tongue twister for a name), moong khichdi, potato sabzi, bhindi, kaju-kishmish sabzi, undhiyu, dal and kadhi with roti, puri and parantha. As I remember Rajdhani had more variety in the roti section but the food was delicious with special mention to kadhi, undhiyu and parantha. Bhindi was a little too oily for my liking.

The desserts were brilliant and there were three of them; Bengali chocolate, kheer and chikoo halwa. I am already in love with the chikoo halwa which has right amount of sugar and amazing flavor. Kheer was yummy but Bengali chocolate had a forgettable taste. And at the end there was a glass of fresh chaas to wash it all down.



The prices have been upped a bit and instead of 250 bucks you’ll now have to spend 310 Rs. for a thali. A little expensive but the food is not bad at all.

Kharcha: Rs. 310 for an unlimited thali

On the burp scale: 3.5/5

VFM: 3/5

Statutory Warning: You’ll have an urge to sleep after this meal and also might have to skip the dinner.


  1. had a horrible experience yesterday at oberoi mall. the display thali showed aamras while when we finally got a table after an hour long wait, we were told there is no aamras any more and served aamrakhand. after we were done eating and while proceeding towards the entrance saw a waiter serving aamras to a few tables. i asked the manager and he said “no madam, aapne galat dekha, aamras khatam ho gaya hai.” whereas i could see people eating aamras right in front of me on a few tables and the waiter carried the containers full of aamras around. still this manager maintained his lies. i would have been ok if he had said that they replenished the aamras after a delay. but he continued to lie, as if i can never identify aamras myself. still cant understand the reason behind the lies.. bad service, liars, bad bad bad.

  2. Hi Preeti,

    I am very disappointed as I read about your experience. The place was definitely better when it was Rajdhani. Even I haven't visited it in a very long time.

  3. I visited this restaurant two days back with some friends and family for a birthday celebration. Being a weekday, there wasn’t much crowd/waiting time. Pricing Rs. 384 per thali. I’ve been to several such thali based Rajasthani/Gujarati restaurants. In comparison with those, Maharaja Bhog does not stand any close on the food taste parameter. Though the menu is diverse, taste is very average. You’ll expect some delicacy (even partially), but will be served a mundane plateful of food.

    Service aspect was worse. Like some low cost food joints, there is an effort to get the seats vacated as fast as possible. Waiters will keep asking if you want ‘hand-wash’ (he carries a water jug and a bowl in hand), even when people are still eating!

    Only because of being inside Oberoi Mall, such restaurants can survive. I came out shaking my head. I was better off with the Classic Comfort at Gokuldham or the awesome Shrinathji at Malad link road.

  4. I haven't heard good things about this place recently and that's the reason I never went there in past 21/2 years. Btw you should visit Panchvati Gaurav in Infiniti if you haven't yet. Good pricing and great food.

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