Food Review: Che Bar & Grill, Churchgate, Mumbai

The French diner Chez Vous recently revamped itself and reopened as Che Bar & Grill. We went there for a Sunday lunch and almost skipped our dinner after all the indulgence.

Except for a few pictures of Che Guevara, the place doesn’t show any relation to Cuba. With the transformation from Chez to Che, reds have replaced the blues and the diner looks more like a café accompanied with a bar.

The menu is extensive and they serve Cuban, Mexican, French, Italian and Brazilian food. Since the weather was hot we asked for a pitcher of beer and were informed that the draught beer is available only in the evenings. Strange! Well, we then ordered our regular Kingfisher and went for anticuchos paprika chicken skewer for starters. They tasted good but we weren’t too impressed. The minimal flavoured bored me after a while.

For main course we ordered a chicken parillada mix grill. The platter included 1 chicken steak, 2 chicken sausages, 4 chicken skewers, 2 fried eggs and fries. We were blown over by the sausages and the steak sauce worked as a dip for everything from steak to fries (yes, it was that good). Still not completely satisfied we thought of ordering a burger and on the owner’s recommendation we called for a gourmet giant beef cheese burger. The burger came stuffed with a huge beef patty, bacon, mushrooms, onion and cheese. After just one bite we were already loosening our belts. It was heavy and delicious and my hands couldn’t stay away from the mustard dip served with it.

We wanted to try some deserts too but after one and a half gluttonous hours spent in Che Bar & Grill it was time to take a long walk on Marine Drive.

The restaurant it seems has transformed for good and is now a perfect joint when you want to pig-out.

On the burp scale:

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