Food Review: 6th Street Yogurt, Breach Candy

I went to 6th Street Yogurt and came back with a case of ‘haath ko aaya moonh na laga’.

Frozen Yogurt is the in thing and it’s natural to encash on something that has a ‘bikta hai’ tag on it. So the announcement of new yogurt store in Breach Candy didn’t come as a surprise. Their menu also mentioned waffles, smoothies and parfaits. Excited at the thought of a late breakfast I went all the way to breach candy from my office.

It’s a small shop in the corner but can be spotted easily, thanks to the huge board. There’s no place to sit inside. So, I wondered where I would eat my waffles only to find out that the store was serving only yogurts for now. The menu hung pretty on the wall and kept enticing me. Disappointed I ordered a plain frozen yogurt with blue berry puree, black berries and dark chocolate toppings. The guy at the counter fumbled with the names of the toppings and in the confusion forgot to tell me that they have strawberry and raspberry flavored yogurt too. The frozen yogurt was tasty and I ordered a second one with strawberry and chocolate sauce. I am a chocolate lover so the latter interested me more.

The store has numerous toppings of fresh fruits, purees, poppers and chocolates and a small cup of yogurt without toppings is priced at Rs. 40. With no signature flavors and Yogurtbay in the same vicinity to compete with, 6th Street Yogurt will definitely have to work hard or launch the breakfast menu soon.

For those who want to visit the store, my suggestion is that you wait for 10 days and let them settle down. They are supposed to serve waffles and smoothies from Friday onwards and I’ll happily give them one week’s time before giving out a verdict.

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