Food Hunt: No breaking the fast here

Is breakfast the best meal of your day? Then you wouldn’t want to ruin it. I am here is here to save you from a bad breakfast. Here’s a list of joints that go clumsy when it comes to that perfect first meal.

EATC, Bandra 

Earlier known as JATC, this joint was a favourite amongst the college kids. But somehow the management didn’t like the idea of people just hanging around and not eating much. So they kicked out the ‘just’ and rebranded it as Eat Around The Corner in 2010. The famous salad buffet went out of the window and was replaced by small portions.

Coming to their current breakfast menu it has two options for the non-vegetarians and one option for the pure vegetarians. So, if you don’t eat egg you are stuck with a choice of bread with either cut fruits or a fruit juice. The American/British breakfast comes with a choice of eggs, bread, bacons/sausages, hash browns, baked beans, and baked tomato with tea, coffee or fruit juice. The menu looks good on paper but the goodness doesn’t translate in the taste. The masala scrambled eggs have no masala apart from the onions and few tomatoes thrown in just for the sake of it. The best option is to go with sunny-side ups since it’s hard to go wrong with them. The bacons are served cold and are a challenge to your jaws. Overly sweet baked beans completely lack flavor and tennis ball sized baked tomatoes are unappetizing. Pancakes with maple syrup are just about average. The dessert section is exciting but select carefully or you might just end up with a stone hard cheesecake.

Candies, Pali Hill, Bandra (W)
Candies is one of the most favourite hang-outs for college goers and localites. But if you are thinking of going there for a relaxed breakfast on a Sunday morning we would suggest that you change your mind. The place is a bit unorganized and super chaotic in the mornings. The servers don’t pay attention and the crowd gets unmanageable. Even after shouting at the top of your voice and shuffling between the counters it might take a long time before you manage to place your order. Food is decent; they have salad counter, sandwiches, croissants, quiches, eggs and various types of bread on the menu. But it’s not worth the effort that goes in to get it on your plate. Heading to Mocha Mojo or The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf would be a better option.

McDonald’sThey took a big leap by launching their breakfast menu in India but the decision fell flat on its face. With no egg-bacon McMuffins, bagels, McGriddles and ham the choices are very few. The limited menu has veg and veg supreme McMuffins which has a flavourless aloo patty in it. Hot cakes are decent but the quantity of maple syrup served with them is so measly that it gets over even before the first bite. For non-vegetarians there is chicken sausage (with and without egg) and egg n cheese McMuffin. It seems like they don’t have enough buyers for the totally pointless hashbrowns hence they give it away complimentary with any and every meal. It’s high time that they bring their International menu in India or just get back to serving chicken McGrill and maharaja Mac.

Gloria Jean’s Coffees, Goregaon (E)
Gloria Jean’s came as a big relief in a suburb that is starved of a decent breakfast joint. But since it’s located in Oberoi mall it didn’t open before 11am. Still, it was a decent place for a late breakfast serving great coffee, sandwiches, croissants etc. Indian flavours took over the International ones, the crisp spinach and corn sandwich turned soggy and paneer went rotten. Despite its perfect location and good coffees this place is a big no-no for your morning meal.

Subway, Carter Road,Bandra (W)
This outlet was never famous for their generosity but they went a step further with their breakfast menu. You have 4 bland options to choose from; cheese & egg, western egg, chicken ham & egg and bacon & egg. The meat/egg is placed in the bread with no sauce and no vegetables. For the same price I would rather pick a Sub of the Day than opting for the breakfast one.

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