Dining with the Chef: An evening with the Italian Chef

Nothing big or absolutely crazy but Yes, I had this small dream of eating in a restaurant by a lake or sea while a Chef cooks for me. Well, it came true when I went to interview the Italian Chef Vincento Zizza in Fratteli Fresh at Renaissance, Powai. Those who are well versed with Mumbai suburbs might know that Renaissance Hotel is located by the beautiful Powai Lake. From the restaurant, all you see is a green patch of dense forest and a quiet lake. As I sat down to chat with the Chef I didn’t know that a great evening was in store.

After a brief round of Q&A Chef Tony asked me if I would like to try few dishes from his new menu. Gladly, I said sure. Chef took me to his open kitchen were he had already prepared few dishes. I watched him at work while he cooked mozzarella and ham in carrozza.The cheese was soft and fresh and so was the bread. The tangy sauce made from tomatoes and onion was a perfect accompaniment.

As I sipped on a glass of Pinot Grigio the second course came in. Per carlo (chicken stuffed with artichokes and seasoned with wine and herbs) served with asparagus, porcini mushrooms and baby potatoes. The chicken was tender and artichokes gave the dish a nice sour flavour.

For desserts I had Passione (meaning passion) which is red berries and raspberries cooked in wine and topped with cream blended with brandy. It made me forget the regular tiramisu or any other chocolate based dessert.

The scrumptious meal ended with some Limonchello which helped me digest all the cheese.

An evening well spent with great food, wine and lovely company. And…yes, I did hug the chef for feeding me so well.

Follow the link to read the Chef’s interview; http://know.burrp.com/food-dining/inside-an-italian-chef’s-heart/25639

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